At Audia Liqui-Kolor®, we want to help you Think Brilliant. Not only are our colors bold and radiant, our innovative color technology is clean, efficient, and a cost-effective option that will prove that liquid should be your coloring method of choice.

With fast color matching, custom colors, special effects, and up-to-the-minute color trends, our products can elevate your design to the next level. On-site color matching services mean a shorter time to market and ensure accurate color every time.

Our experienced and dedicated team is energized by the latest advancements in liquid color technology, meaning clean system for dosing and color changes. Quick connectors mean no risk of spillage. Lower dosage rates lead to better color accuracy and consistency.

Let’s Think Brilliant Together.


Audia Group

The Audia group of companies works together to serve customers globally, collectively making them leaders in the thermoplastic market. Our goal is to keep pace with the changing needs of the global marketplace – while always remembering that every relationship is built person to person.


The experienced team at Audia Liqui-Kolor® Solutions is ready to custom design a solution just for you. Let’s talk more about why liquid should be your coloring method of choice.

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