Let's work together to stay safe.
Safety is our top priority. We're following all recommended CDC guidelines to ensure the health and well-being of our co-workers and customers/suppliers.

As part of the Audia group of companies, Audia Liqui-Kolor® is dedicated to our value of safety and wellness for our customers, suppliers, and co-workers. As we learn to navigate through this tough time, Audia Liqui-Kolor® is at our customers' side and will continue to commit to their needs. 

At this time, we're assisting many companies with applications being used by front-line workers during this pandemic. We're here to help and together, we can get through this.

Clean Environments

We're extensively cleaning and sanitizing all of our office buildings and manufacturing plants as per CDC guidelines with special attention to frequently touched surfaces.

Manufacturing Sanitation

Our co-workers at our manufacturing plants are cleaning and sanitizing all equipment and machinery. When packaging our products, co-workers are wearing gloves as well as face masks.

Hand Safety

We are providing hand sanitizers on-site and asking guests and co-workers to wash hands frequently with soap and water.

Face Masks

We're asking all guests and co-workers to wear protective masks or protective face shields at all times.

Health Check

We're conducting health and temperature checks for every guest and co-worker as they enter our office buildings and manufacturing plants.

Equipment Sanitation

We're cleaning and sanitizing all pumping equipment.

Social Distancing

We're practicing social distancing by maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet apart.

Virtual Meetings

Many of our co-workers are working remotely and are offering the same dedication and support virtually. We’re providing optional virtual meetings for your safety.