Whether you’re using liquid or solid masterbatch, our Liqui-Purge™ product can save you over 50% on time and cost versus a natural purging resin.


At Audia Liqui-Kolor® Solutions, we’re color change experts. Our experienced team understands how time consuming it can be any time you need to switch a color. Liqui-Purge™ is a proprietary purge product offering superior cleaning performance and improved efficiency – leading to time and material cost savings. Give it a try and we think you’ll agree.

A Superior Purge Solution
  • Available for solid and liquid masterbatch users
  • Time and material cost savings
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Resin and temperature flexibility
  • Reduce waste stream and energy usage
  • FDA approved
Industries Served
First-class color harmony and launch support for global automotive OEMs and tier molders.
High-quality, precision colors for large and small appliances.
Durable and attractive masterbatch solutions for construction applications.
Elevate your furniture design with our custom colors and special effects.
Brilliant colors that will set your products apart for cosmetics, home products, personal care, and more.
High performance products for rigid and flexible packaging.

How It Works

The specialized products created by Liqui-Kolor Solutions are uniquely designed for companies to achieve low letdown ratios and discover new cost savings.


The experienced team at Audia Liqui-Kolor® Solutions is ready to custom design a solution just for you. Let’s talk more about why liquid should be your coloring method of choice.

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