More Delivery Systems

We offer standard packaging as well as dual pump, multi-dosing, flexible pouch packages, and more. All designed to be clean and efficient for your manufacturing process.

more delivery systems

In addition to standard deliver systems, including pails, drums, and totes, we offer custom solutions designed to suit your colorization and processing needs. These advanced delivery systems offer a variety of ways to seamlessly integrate with your manufacturing process and ensure you make the most of your investment in liquid color. All of our delivery systems are equipped with our innovative quick connectors, which ensure quick, easy, and clean color changes every time.

Custom Delivery Systems Designed Just For You:
  • Dual pump with reservoir
  • Two tote stand and reservoir
  • Multi-dosing systems
  • Flexible pouch packaging
  • Custom-designed carts
  • Quick connectors ensure fast, easy, and clean color changes
  • WiFi system connectivity
Industries Served
First-class color harmony and launch support for global automotive OEMs and tier molders.
High-quality, precision colors for large and small appliances.
Durable and attractive masterbatch solutions for construction applications.
Elevate your furniture design with our custom colors and special effects.
Brilliant colors that will set your products apart for cosmetics, home products, personal care, and more.
High performance products for rigid and flexible packaging.

How It Works

We are a global leader in thermoplastic elastomer compounds featuring a broad range of chemistries that allow us to customize solutions based on your material needs.


The experienced team at Audia Liqui-Kolor® Solutions is ready to custom design a solution just for you. Let’s talk more about why liquid should be your coloring method of choice.

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